Must-see destinations in Nancy

We have museums and the Villa Majorelle.

We have the 3 squares on list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, in which the Place Stanislas is at the first place.

We have the Old Town with its charming small lanes, its private Renaissance mansions, and above all: a warming and joyful atmosphere that reign thanks to its numerous bars and restaurants.

We have the « Charles III » neighborhood (under the name of the person who built it) and its boutiques.

We have the different Art Nouveau tours, there is even one that starts next to the hotel in the « New Town » of Charles III. The maps are available at the front desk.

We are at the crossroads of all of these mythical places.

But there are so many other things left to be discovered! Testaments from all the different eras;

Medieval, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and even urban art pieces.
Must-see or atypical destinations: there must be many things you’ll like!

The discreet destinations in the Old Town

The Hotel Ferraris: 29 rue du Haut-Bourgeois, this hotel is one the most beautiful piece of Germain Boffrand, Leopold Duchy’s architect. Today, it hosts the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs. If the doors are opened feel free to step in, the inner courtyard, the building stairs and its loggia are worth the visit.

The Rue des Ecuries: between the Place de la Carriere and the Pepiniere Park, there is a street with small bridges that makes it looks like a sort of small dried Venice. It also testifies of a time where Nancy lived around and even above some swamps. It also testifies of what the square was before the fronts changes from Boffrand student : Emmanuel Héré.

Street Art

In Nancy streets you can find many different street arts. For example colours bands on the road of the Rue des Pont, a wall that becomes a face, such as in the crossroads of the building in the Rue Leopold Lallement and Saint-Thiébaut. Bears that have run away from their ice pack in Rue Lallement. Basket ball hoop in a cloudy shape in the Pépinière Park.
For many years, the city of Nancy started to be invested in rather ephemeral piece of art.

The Grand Hotel de la Reine is not estrange to street art, have you seen the large windows on the Rue Lyautey? These are not real windows but Trompe-l’oeil.

Notre Dame de Bonsecours Church – Stanislas burial

This is the burial of the most known Duchy of Lorraine. You can also find the embalmed heart of the queen Marie Leszczynska. The Church is in a baroque architecture. It is said to be the most Poles building of Stanislas.

You can visit the church on Saturdays.

Parks and Gardens

The great Pépinière Park is right next to the hotel. It is inspired by the XVIII gardens à la Française. There are also different places to have a meal.

The Sainte-Marie Park: not far from the Ecole de Nancy Museum, this park is a bit smaller than la Pépinière. However it offers a nice Art-Nouveau Spirit.

The Porte de la Craffe Garden: completely hidden from view, only a few know its existence, you have to take the stairs up to the door.

The Godron Garden: Little botanical garden located between the Aquarium and the Sainte-Catherine Door. These parks (except for the Sainte-Marie Park) are all close to the hotel.

If you’re in need of even more space, we can advise you the Jean Marie Pelt gardens (formerly botanical Garden of the Montet). It is located in Nancy suburb and has a 35-hectare plot of land, as the Saint-Marie Park it is a heritage from the artists of the Ecole de Nancy which were related to horticulture.

You can also promenade out of the tracks and meet exotic plants, rosewoods, woods The access is free, you only have to pay to have access to the greenhouse.

A statue (of stone and bronze) from Auguste Rondin that represents Claude Gelée called « Le Lorrain », in the Pépinière Park.

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